• Profiling

    Profiling and sheet metal stamping

  • Special profiles

    Open and crimped profiles

  • Materials

    Zinc plated, Gloss, Prepainted, Coated, Stainless steel

  • Counter frames

    Profiles for concealed counterframes

High technology has our profile

Nido S.R.L was born in 2013 in its new feature, but it exists and operates in Carpineti (Reggio Emilia) since 1986 thanks to the experience that the managing director Vainer Cavandoli has matured into a leading company in the field of PROFILING AND SHEET METAL STAMPING.

The main activity consists in the realization of special profiles made ​​from tapes of sheet metal, and the study, design and construction of the equipment needed for the production, which, together with machinery constantly updated, allow us to resolve any problem.

Our production system is made by machinery with a considerable technological content, equipment consisting of: a rollforming system, accessories and complex molds, connected to the hydraulic units, all controlled by computerized systems capable of ensuring continuous processing, simultaneous, rapid and precise.

ROOL FORMING SYSTEM: rollforming, equipment, accessories
SPECIAL SECTIONS: special profiles made ​​from tape, open and crimped
MATERIALS TO WORK: zinc plated, polished, pre-painted, coated stainless steel
FRAMES: Profiles for concealed sliding doors