Self-Drilling Riveting



This is a simple, clean and efficient way to join two metal sheets without holes, using self drilling rivets that allows you to join similar or different materials.


The coupling obtained has excellent characteristics of mechanical seal and dynamic resistance which is higher  than when compared to welding.


Advantages of innovative joining techniques:

  • You can join different materials (steel – aluminium – copper)
  • You can join prepainted sheets, coated with various surface treatments, both single and multiple
  • Improves the corrosion resistance with galvanized sheet because the protective layer flows together with the sheet
  • The coupling is watertight (because the bottom material is not perforated)
  • Reduced costs compared to other joining methods
  • Respect for the environment
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Nido S.r.l. 

is always closed to the customer,  cooperating in the development of new products to obtain succesful results. And it is particullary specialized in two innovative ways to meccanically join two or more sheets also made by different materials.

This is a clear, silent, cheap and ecological process, called CLINCHING.


This type of junction uses only the cold localized forming, without the addition of other materials, and it results in good economical and techincal solution