The company

Activity and Personalized service

Technology and Design

Philosophy and Business values

Nido s.r.l. was born in 2013 in its new feature, but it exists and operates in Carpineti (Reggio Emilia) since 1986 thanks to the experience that the managing director Vainer Cavandoli has matured into a leading company in the field of PROFILING AND SHEET METAL STAMPING

Over the years the company has evolved increasing its staff, administrative and production space and equipment, adapting to the path of technological advancement that the market required. In this way he established his relationship with customers that operate nationally and internationally.

Our mission

The main activity consists in the realization of special profiles made ​​from tapes of sheet metal, and the study, design and construction of the equipment needed for the production, which, together with machinery constantly updated, allow us to resolve any problem.
The specialization focuses on the production of components for the construction industry, in particular:

  • Profiles for frames for concealed sliding doors; 
  • Profiles for security doors; 
  • Profiles for mobile walls;

We propose as technical partners able to follow our customers in every moment of the life of the product, ensuring the utmost professionalism and discretion in the development of each phase.

Activity and Personalized service

We can perform special processing on the various types of profiles: either automatically or with subsequent operations such as drilling, pretrenching, reduction in size, assembling of particular technology by clinching and riveting without hole watertight. 

The materials that we use are cold rolled steel strips: zinc plated (sendzimir or electrolytic), pre-painted or coated steel strip (plastic), stainless steel strips (in different grades) and ribbons aluminum, brass and copper, from which we can derive open or crimped profiles with range of variation of the thickness of the sheet metal between 0.4mm. and 2 mm. consistent with the types of materials used and by the sections to be produced.

Technology and Design

The design is very important in our company for the construction of each profile, trying to meet the demands of our customers with a targeted search for new technical solutions, through a depth analysis of all the equipment needed to produce better performing and studying processing cycles.

Our production system is made by machinery with a considerable technological content, equipment consisting of: a series of rollers shapers, accessories and complex molds, connected to the hydraulic units, all controlled by computerized systems capable of ensuring continuous processing, simultaneous, rapid and precise.